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The lovely girls at the Festival Brides blog did a little Q&A with us, if you’d like to get to know us a little better you can read the full post here :- http://festivalbrides.co.uk/festival-brides-love-the-charming-press.

They began the post by saying this…

Many of the companies that we feature on Festival Brides are small businesses, usually one man/woman bands, who saw a gap in the market for something different and decided to fill it with their own business. We are huge advocates for these sorts of companies because the people who make them a success work extremely hard and have a certain passion and drive that only comes when you own your own business. That’s why we want to give these people a chance to tell you why they rock and why you should book them for your wedding!

We were really touched by these words – and heres why..

The Charming Press began (as most wedding stationery companies do) with our wedding, we designed and printed our own stationery because we couldn’t find anything on the market that perfectly fitted the bill – and as a graphic designer it needed to be perfect! We wanted our stationery to be pretty (well I did!) and we wanted teepees, and we wanted them to be really personal to us – hence we had little Landrover Defenders at the bottom of the particulars!  It planted a seed in our heads that grew and grew, surely other people wanted quirky, more modern stationery?! There seemed to be more and more couples going for teepees, yurts, and hand fasting ceremonies etc and we set out to give them the stationery they wanted to compliment their big day!

I think it takes alot of courage to trust your instincts and design your wedding day exactly the way you want it..it takes courage to go against what other people might not think ‘normal & traditional* and do it your way. And when it all comes together you think ‘wow- we did this! And everyone loved it!’ It gives you confidence, and I don’t know whether it came with age or experience but I suddenly thought..if other people can run successful business then why can’t we?!

So every night (after the 9-5 day job) we designed the collection! And here were are today!

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